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Can u spend milk tokens/healthy start vouchers online?

Posted 10th Dec 2014
I was wondering if I done an online shop at sainsburys would i be able to use my milk tokens?
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    I believe not. I shop online at Tesco (but I think the same will probably apply to them all) and cannot use mine as there is no online code to submit at checkout - only a barcode for scanning. Drivers won't take them back to store to apply discount. I've spoken to Tesco several times about this in the years that I've qualified. I walk to Tesco every couple of weeks to stock up on milk & fruit & frz veg (£6.60 doesn't really buy that much and with two boys it soon goes).
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    No there is no online codes on them. I have a local farm who deliver to me and take the vouchers as payment helps loads
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