can we cancel Groupon purchase?

Posted 12th Jun 2016
Hi, I have purchased a service on Groupon but now not sure and want to cancel it.. does groupon allows cancellation ? If yes, how do I get refund ?

Rules says this:
For the first 7 days after you purchase your Voucher, instead of redeeming your Voucher with the Merchant who is supplying the underlying products or services, you can choose to redeem your Voucher with Groupon Shop. If you decide to redeem your Voucher with Groupon Shop for Groupon Shop Goods, you may do so up to the amount of the Voucher purchase price. Please see the Groupon UK Voucher Terms of Sale for more information or visit Groupon Shop's website at
Unless the fine print says otherwise you have the right to cancel the purchase of the Voucher within 14 calendar days from the day you receive email confirmation of your purchase. However, if you redeem your Voucher during this 14 calendar day period, you will lose your right to cancel the purchase.
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Yes, was easy enough to find.
Canceling a deal
Just phone them and tell them you bought it as a present, but the person you bought it for has already bought whatever it is, so can you have a refund. They will probably try to refund it as Groupon credit, don't fall for it, say you will have to buy a present elsewhere or something.
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