Can we have a spcification drop down section when posting (white goods) deals?

I'm wondering if at all it's possible Paul if we can have like a drop down/boxes for us to input data about TV's etc that we post as deals?

This would really help us all if people gave more info about the white goods, rather than just copying and pasting the description then posting it as it is. This could be added to all white goods, if we know information about the product then we can add it all e.g

Screen size -
Frame rate - (which in my eyes is the best one as it's always asked)
Contrast ratio -
etc etc
Think you get the idea, it doesn't have to be in the actual deal but if you clicked/hover over the link that suggests say for e.g 'Product Spec' the information would then appear, hopefully the deal OP would have filled in most of what they knew about the product.

I just feel we get mountains of posts saying the same thing over and over again, the one we hear all the time is "Is this 50 or 100hz"
Anyway it's just an idea, thought it might make it easier on some of us if more information on the product was just a click/hover away


Original Poster

Bad idea then? Lol

Perhaps I'm not paying attention but never seen framerate questions asked, just the usual 720p vs 1080p arguments, with a light sprinkling of don't pay more than 20p for an hdmi cable....

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Framerate is the old Hz question, is it 50 or 100hz

Yeah I know what it is, just don't recall seeing it ever

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Have a search, it's among the top 2 questions asked,

Either Framerate or pixels
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