Can we send giffgaff sims to "friends" on here?

Posted 17th Jan
Just wondering, as my kids keep wasting their credit accidentally on data (in one night!) instead using our wifi. 20 quid down the drain in one year and it is heart breaking Then when they need to ring they can't as they have no credit not even enough for me to ring them back.

I've since changed the settings so they can't even connect to data accidentally.

I'd put credit on, but I've still got 3 month free calls, and we all use the ring back method to utilise this so wanted to avoid 2 of us having free calls at the same time. Yes I'm tight.

So was wondering, if we are allowed to get sims sent to each other to benefit from the
#10 each promo (why is my pound sign a bleedin hashtag now!? ugh). Only need one "friend".
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Get a contract for them
ID have a contract for 250 mb £4 with unlimited texts and 250 calls
Personally I'd put them on some 30 day rolling contract sims and set them not to be able to go over the data limit. Once it's gone it's gone and they have to wait for the reset date.

Teach them to manage what they have instead of wasting it knowing you'll bail them out.
Yeah the promo when it's on adds to your credit, I change one of my numbers every month and get the credit on my personal number then redeem it every 6 months
I’d go for sky mobile when a good deals on as you can share all the spare data. My kids are on £7pm so £14 for them both for 8gb data and unlimited calls/texts. Any of the 16gb data not used goes into a bank monthly and can be used at any time. You can also set spend to 0 so bill will always be the same. I just prefer knowing kids can get in touch anytime.
Yeah, I'm not putting them on a contract -If you saw our income you'd agree. I spend £20 a year payg on my mobile (get 6 months free calls with that), I never use data, unless It's an mini emergency.

I even stopped paying talktalk £10 a month for landline "free calls" and got a Smarty sim for £5pm unlimited calls&texts and chucked it in a spare blackberry that anyone can take out with them when needed. We don't use the landline anymore to make calls. That's saved me £60 a year.

I just thought I could send someone here a giffgaff sim if they wanted one and we both get £10 free credit. Think I'll request some sims and see if any of her friends want to join.
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