Can wet and dry vaccum cleaners be used on LVT flooring?

Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 4 h, 14 m ago)
or will they be too powerful and can rip the lvt off the floor?
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    Never had LVT flooring, but the suction level of typical wet and dry vacs is less than the better pre-EU ban high power/ high airwatt cylinder cleaners, except possibly for the more powerful industrial twin/triple motor wet and dry cleaners.

    The problem with a lot of wet and dry vacuums is the supplied wand and tools tend to be rubbish, with a wand head that tends to suck down to and grip the flooring, typically with no wheels between the brushes, or even behind the head to stop it sticking and the wand itself is typically made of flexible plastic which makes it even harder to use.

    If you buy a wet and dry, I'd suggest getting one that uses the same filter for both wet and dry, so it doesn't need swapping over and can be washed under the tap, our last workshop one had a pleated filter made of PET (the plastic) which took a lot longer than a bit of foam to clog and was easier to clean. (edited)
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    Isn’t LVT flooring interlocked if it is as I think it is I very much doubt any vacuum cleaner would be able to lift the tile from the floor.
    Mine is dryback.
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