Can Windows XP SP3 see a 4tb External Hard Drive?

Posted 2nd Jan 2014
Morning Guys, I had a hard drive failure last night :(, my 2tb seagate had been overheating and now it's failing to spin, however all backed up thank god!

I use Windows XP (SP3) both my desktop and laptop, I like this better than Windows 7 and 8 and I some software I have only runs on XP.

I was looking to buying a larger drive such as a Western Digital 4tb Book, but just seen one review where Windows XP would only see the drive as a 2.2tb drive?

Is this true, if so what can be done apart from a OS upgrade

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You could set up two logical drives each of 2TB.
Not tested by me though!
on the Western Digital website it says that it works with windows xp

Formatted NTFS
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later (requires reformatting)


Bearing in mind that this is just for external storage and not running any OS etc.
I think the confusion comes with not being able to boot from 4tb hard drives with the old BIOSes that XP machines used to come with.

Largest hd i have is 2tb which is fine on xp
The 2.2 TB limit is not to do with the NTFS volume size (whcih is huge) but the MBR partitiion size. Basically volumes live in partitions and partitions live on disks.

If you want to see a single 4TB drive you need to reformat as a GPT partition type or use 2 x 2TB in a MBR partition type.

ok thanks guys for all your advice, I've not actually bought one yet so no problems, however taking into account that it's a problem with XP I might just buy a duel hard drive enclosure and stick in 2 x 2tb drives using different brands and setup as JBOD, that said I've never used this setup so unsure how well they perform.
xp will no longer be supported by security updates from about apr 2014. So will be vulnerable to virus/hackers.

Good time to move to win 7, or ubuntu (free linux os)
Also bear in mind the bigger the drives, the more data you lose if you have a crash or failed hard drive.

Agree with tinatwambie, look at upgrading to Windows 7 if you can.
SEcurity software is still supporting xp and usually does for 2 years after MS stop support for an OS.

There is a good thread on Wilders security forums on how to lock down XP.
How to secure Windows XP after it Xpired?

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