can wireless affect you sky picture?

    Lately I have notice some interference lines on my tv when viewing sky, can my wireless router affect it or my surge protector?

    Is it AFFECT or EFFECT?


    The Weather can affect it ? maybe the dish has been knocked ? or has a birdie been naughty on it ?

    Affect = influence
    Effect = result
    dodgy weather caused me problems when I had sky - got virgin now so hopefully i wont get problems

    If the node on the dish is marginally off angle then that would affect the quality, along with weather, dents on the dish, any number of things.

    Just because you have cable doesnt mean your immune either, you're just less likely to receive interference as they still have to receive satellite signals from their main points and then beam it via cable. The good side is that they have top quality receiving equipment that can withstand harsher weather, the downside is that if that does then it affects many customers rather than just one.

    Can the wireless router interfere with the signal? possibly as they both use GHz ranges and if the 2 pieces of electronic equipment are close enough to each other...easiest way to tell is to switch off your router when your sky is on the blink...if its still on the blink when you switch your router off then its not the router thats the cause. Do same with surge protector, try it without and see if the signal is any better without. :whistling:
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