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Use an HD DVD in a dvd player that has an output of HDMI?

my folks have the……htm

this is a follow on from this thread a sort of way……983

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Well a bit pointless if it records in HD but can't play HD thru other disks :giggle: I would say it might upscale the disk to give DH quality and therefore should be able to play a HD disk back in true HD mode :thumbsup:

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cool, just a bit of a novice to all that

I'm not sure, if you can, maybe ring up currys/Argos tomorrow and just bring it up

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read the second link tomm


So basically what you want to do is play a HDDVD in a normal DVD player that has HMDI Support linked to a HDTV?

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yes thats correct, altho when i had the connection from the recorder to the tele (hdmi lead) the picture wasnt at all good, some parts were a bit fuzzy

why is this ? all other connections were all fine and where they were meant to go.

Not sure, doens't it say in the manual about trouble shooting?

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hmmmm think ill have to have a read

Sorry I cant be a better help

[SIZE=2]Sorry mate, wasn't online last night - answered in your other thread though...[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]You can't play an HD DVD in a non HD DVD player - it's a completely different format (however you can play a standard DVD in an HD DVD player!)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The Toshiba doesn't play back in HD, - it has an upscale function which is like turning up the gain on the picture (for larger screen TVs and the like) so will make standard def dvds look a bit better.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]HDMI stands for High Definition Media Interface and can be found on a number of electrical items now - TVs, games consoles, Amplifiers etc it's just a connection capable of transmitting a digital signal rather than analogue and doesn't necessarily mean an HD picture signal.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Using the upscaler, you will notice the biggest improvement on DVDs with an average picture; DVDs with an already excellent picture may not show any improvement![/SIZE]
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