Can you actually win?

    I was just wondering if any one has actually won from these competitions ?
    I've been doing them for around a month now and no luck. Maybe its just me being greedy and impatient. Just wondering if anyone on here has actually won anything ?


    I won £100 in vouchers in take a break,after yrs of trying though, but at least i won

    my son one a wii from a kids mag

    Me? Never a thing......

    a psp and a paint shop programme


    Have never won any competitions, and of course no longer enter!
    same with the lottery, never entered, and as such are way ahead of someone i know who buys every week, um 15 years, makes me 780 quid up!

    I think the people who do win are basically full time competition players, hundreds a day

    (would love to win the Gadget show prizes though!,, all that stuff!)

    The people who tend to win are entering hundreds of Comps a week. How many do you do ?

    I prob do about 50 - 60 and do win stuff but its not that regular...

    There are professional compers who, that is all they do, day in day out..

    There are sites you can use like Loquax

    Hope this helps:…034…ns/


    I once won a petrol garden strimmer and a toaster from warburtons. Youve gotta be in it to win it.

    i've only ever won one comp and that was on here i got a £50 amazon voucher for doing a video :-D
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