Can you add an Osram Smart+ Switch Mini to a Philips Hue

Posted 12th Apr
Bought an Osram E27 Smart+ light that came with an Osram Smart+ Switch Mini. I've added the light to my philips hue hub, but I can't get the switch to pair with the light. It'd be really useful to be able to control the light with switch, rather than just using alexa.
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I’ve found you can connect it to hue bridge it will turn all lights on and off if connected, instead of pressing the top and bottom button, you press the top and middle button near your hue hub, hold it for 2-3 seconds and place it on top of the hue hub, it will blink blue when you hold the buttons, it will carry on blinking blue for 11 time’s or 11 seconds which ever comes 1st, if it flashes 4 time’s (we are talking milliseconds flashing which is faster than a second) then it should have been successfully paired,

Again it will turn all lights on and off, so pretty useless, kind of a master switch, you can also change the colour of lights with the middle button
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