can you believe tesco!!!

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Found 16th Aug 2008
ordered my shopping on line on wednesday to arrive friday 9-11pm they call at 7pm to say couldnt deliver it as they had no drivers dont have a car so couldnt collect it!!! cant afford £20 for taxi offered to redeliver couldnt as i had carpet fitter coming and couldnt get in my kitchen to put it away!!!!!!!!!!1
guess what found out today they have charged my card for the shopping of course i have bought shoping locally in another shop and spent this money now im going to go over drawn. they said refund could take 3 days!!!!!!arhhhhh~~!!!!! they also told me that this is there policy and if i had gone into store and asked for refund it would take 3 days.
dont know but dont quite think this is same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
have written letter of complaint cant afford to make this mistake again as its cost me at least £50 in charges on top of the shopping BEWARNED OF THIS POLICY.

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That's outrageous! I think if you explain about the overdawn bit they will pay that for you if it's down to them and u have proof (statement would do).:thumbsup:

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I know its disgusting not my fault they didnt deliver. Yep will be sending copy of charges but my bank cant tell me exactly untill they have gone through.
have sent a letter of complaint but they were quite rude to me on the phone.

ridiculous as the credit cruch wasn't bad enough. will keep this in mind next time shopping. thanks

thats terrible, stand yr ground and insist they reimburse you yr overdrawn charges, its not like a multi million pound company like them cant afford it
Good luck

Can't stand Tesco at the moment. Although I had my weeks shopping delivered, I wished they hadn't bothered ! All of the veg had a use before date of between next day and 2 days time, 2 lots of meat was the same and the 3rd lot of meat had a use before date of 3 days time. I had ordered a whole leg of lamb as had 9 people coming round for lunch, but they substituted it with 1 half leg which wouldn't have fed 4, and I ordered a product from the health and beauty section that was on offer for £7 - this was miraculously unavailable so they tried to substitute it for the next size up that wasn't on offer that was £15.

The substitues were refused at the door, but when I noticed the use by dates on my other things, I was told by customer services it was my fault for not specifying I wanted at least 5 days before the use by date in the shopping notes !! When I said it was pretty unreasonable to provide the majority of a weeks shop that was going to go off within 3 days, he agreed to refund a bag of shredded greens and carrots. Whoopie doo !! Won't be using them again in a hurry :x

of you dont go overdrawn too often try calling your bank and explaining the situation this happened to me as long as the money goes bank the bank will waiver the charges . . . .speak very nicely to the operator lol

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tried the bank they said there was nothing they could do about the charges so hope the letter to tescos works. i will let u know if and when i get a reply from them

The shopping would be charged in the early afternoon when it is picked. If they knew a driver wasn't going to turn up or call in sick they would never have picked it. The 3 day refund situation is the same with any store. Transferring money between banks has always taken 3-5 working days. Although the new fast same day transfer should be coming into action soon.

As for any bank charges you have recieved, you are entitled to a full refund as they should have advised you it had been charged when they called you. This does happen quite often on the late deliveries. You will be asked to send in bank statements or the letter your bank sends out to advise you of the charge. You will be asked to send it to a call centre in Dundee but I must advise to blank out your bank details, such as sort code and account number as a lot of fraud goes on at the call centre there which is swept under the rug.

As for the attitude of the staff member you spoke to, thats because the call centre is full of school drop outs on minimum wage who work through an agency so they dont even get Tesco employee benfits. Morale there is so low, thats why a lot of them turn to stealing customers details to commit fraud.
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