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is it possible to block a mobile number calling my mobile ??


Call the network you are on they should block the number for you.

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thats great thankyou for your help.

No, you can't change the way the network root traffic. What you can do if you have a smartphone is get a blacklisting programme. You can set number to silent and you'll never know you've had them. . .


The police can and will block a number if there's a need.

I create a contact group which diverts straight to voicemail and add in nuisance numbers to that

If you have a jailbroken iPhone there is an app called iBlacklist which is great
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Don't bother. I'll stop.

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ok deek72 you stop and i wont have to block you


ok deek72 you stop and i wont have to block you

there is a function on Nokia phone .

call screening

Add number in that and it wont bother you

samsungs have call reject feature that will do it

my nokia has a call reject option as well, I just dont answer it.
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