Found 9th Aug 2008
Hi, Can anyone tell me can you bring back plants from the Netherlands to England? Either by plane or ferry etc? let me know what you think or know please
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No not funny plants!!!!!!!!!! How did I know someone would suggest that!! I mean Orchids
Answer is no.......unless you have an import licence for that particular product.
Imported plants are controlled: all growers supplying to EEC countries must have a Plant Passport, which allows the authorities to monitor and trace any problems with plant health. Standards of inspection are very stringent in the UK, says Guy Barter of the RHS, but in other countries the checking may be more relaxed. Also, it is not possible to check every single plant, so pests and diseases can be inadvertently imported. Diseases such as Dutch Elm, have already done nationwide damage; others such as Sudden Oak Death are gradually spreading. Imported plants, such as Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam, can also become invasive, eventually pushing out native species and altering habitats. Some imported plants, such as tree ferns, cyclamens and orchids, may also have been dug up from the wild.
take a cutting and hide it in your bags. theyll never find it. cover it in wet toilet paper!
legally... no.

take a cutting and hide it in your bags. theyll never find it. cover it … take a cutting and hide it in your bags. theyll never find it. cover it in wet toilet paper!legally... no.





Cross contamination........:whistling:, you never know what diseases that cutting would be hoarding. Could start the plague again ;-)
I brought a olive tree back from Copenhagen in my hand luggage - no one said anything and I'm pretty sure I got someone to ask here at the time
peace offering par avion.
The only country I've known to be über strict on these things is Australia. They took my 5 pack of polos off me at customs!
the oz has a customs reality tv show! wiki s_Front_Line"]here
I went to america years ago like 20 odd !they went mental when I had an apple in my bag!!!!!!!!!!
I have bought bulbs at Schipol airport (last October) and had no problems taking them into the UK I even had them in my hand baggage. Although that may be because I bought them after security inside the airport.
I got my bag searched at airport when I was taking g/f's teddies to her in France....embarrassed :oops:
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