Can you buy a car before passing test?

Found 11th May 2013
Are you able to buy a car before passing your test? or do you need your driving licence when buying a car?

I have a provisional at the moment..

thanks guys!
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yes and no

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you can buy a car but you are not legal to drive it,unless you have a qualified driver sitting next to you.

The only answer to the question is; yes.

The only answer to the question is; yes.

there were two questions hence my reply
Yep anyone can buy a car weather they have a license or not. You can even get one on finance without a license.
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yes u can you can also be insured but will need someone who has a full drivers licence to sit in with you
Yes you can buy a car without having a full license. I got a car on finance from barclays for my missus who was able to drive it away from the showroom and got a 7 day free insurance policy with it even though it was all in my name. i only have a provisional which ive had for more than 4 years. when it came to insuring the car, as my partner was just a new driver, putting me as a named driver even though i wont be driving it unless there is an experienced(3 year minimum i think) driver in the passenger seat helped bring the premiums down
Aviva don't seem to care if you have a full licence or a provisional. I was quite surprised by this, I would've thought they would at least charge more.
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