Can you buy tv antenna adaptors?

    I brought my TV back home with me from Korea where they have a slightly different plu in the back of the TV's for the antenna. It seems like the hole is a lot smaller than what you would find round the back of a UK TV. My one is more the size of a copper wire.

    Can you buy adaptors for them? If so, can someone give me the name of what I would be looking for.



    try deal extreme

    Original Poster

    yeah I know of places to look. i just need to know if they exist and what they are called to search for it.

    use scart ?

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    you can get scart to tv antenna adaptors?

    use a freeview box, arial into that then scart to the tv = more channels too

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    aha. ok will try that out. we have a freeview box somewhere though we're yet to receive coverage
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