Can you cancal a bacs payment

Found 12th Jun 2018
I got a bacs payment a month ago and am not getting on with the person, cutting a long story short they sent me payment about a month ago by bacs

will they be able to take the money bac
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Only of they can prove it was done fraudulently to the bank
not through bacs unless they can prove it is fraudulent as above reply.

they can only retrieve the money through the small claims court if they have a claim.
Look it up on your banks web site or ring your bank.

In theory No. bacs = cleared funds at the source account so there is no reconciliation time

But every bank has its own little funnies
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I hope whatever happened involved you keeping your side of the deal.
BACS can be recalled up to midday on the following working day after submission. It will be credited to the account 2 working days after submission if not recalled
I would be surprised if this even went with through BACS now
I sold a lawn mover and the man says he no longer wants i
mrnehru3 h, 51 m ago

I sold a lawn mover and the man says he no longer wants i

That's his problem. Tell him to sell it on himself if that is the case.
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