can you chip up a skybox

    i was told you cant but i put it to panel can you




    Goggle It Have a look :thumbsup:

    Original Poster Banned

    not going to listen to you 5_1 ha ha


    nope, can't be done

    if you drop it you might make a chip then.........


    Take one chisel. Take one hammer. Hit chisel with hammer. Voila, a chipped sky box.

    No, you cant mod a sky box to get pay channels from sky for free. (Though you can if its a cable box - but that wont be lasting very much longer when their new encryption gets used.)

    I've heard the new encryption has already been hacked, to be honest, if it hasn't it wouldn't suprise me if it was hacked soon.

    Sky Digital is in its 10th year and still not cracked. Can't see it happening any time soon, if ever!!

    Eurovox, about £100. ebay. Gets all channels for free.

    Read up on it.


    Personally Our sky box broke like 3 years ago, and we just cancelled the … Personally Our sky box broke like 3 years ago, and we just cancelled the subscription "[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]as it was just **** on all the time anyways. And the prices kept increasing[/COLOR]."

    Nothing really changes!!!! hahaha
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