Can you create a new account for tesco groceries to get £10 off even though you're an existing customer?

    My mate told me he just signs up with a new email addresss (but same delivery address and same name) and gets £10 of £50 spend and even quidco! I'm a bit skeptical about this that if i do it they'll catch on because i have a clubcard registered to this address as well.... Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks in advance



    Me and my fella both have an account :thumbsup:


    yes - I have 5 accounts

    same with asda

    yes I have heard of loads that have done this even the children have a tesco account lol

    I've always wondered this too - especially since the codes are now scarce and more for first time customers. I thought the problem would be the clubcard number though - as in its registered to that address so would that matter? Even if you have a different email account? Or do you just not put the clubcard number on your new account?

    Back when they did 1000 points instead of £10 i had 8 accounts, my wife had 3.

    That was a while ago so not sure on the 'rules' now

    paidtoshop is a good forum about it


    don't use the clubcard number, it identifies you as the person opening … don't use the clubcard number, it identifies you as the person opening the account

    Thanks - that's what i thought. Not sure it would sit well with my OH as he is obsessed with collecting the points!

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    Damn.. knew i shouldn't have opted for the clubcard.. Is it possible to just make up a name or does it have to be the same name as your card?


    I did this the other day for Tesco when a £7.50 voucher wouldn't work on my original account. And I have 2 Asda accounts because I forgot the logon details for the 1st Asda account and I couldn't be bothered to try and retrieve it.
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