Can You find a better deal? Samsung G600 on O2

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Found 11th Oct 2007
I got a call from O2 customer service today with an offer of upgrading to pay monthly 9im currently pay and go - using around 110 min, 310 txt msgs a month from what theyve been saying.

Basicly theyve offered me a 15 quid a month for 24 months for something like 100 mins and 200 or 300 msgs with unlimited calls to o2 with free Sony Ericsson SE880i or Samsung U600.

I wasnt able to talk them fro long so asked them if they can give me a call back later. I coulnd pick up the phone at the 2nd call so after i got back home ive chceck what else is around.
I found a good deal at dialaphone.com but dont know how reliable they are?? and how is is after closing to the end of the contract?? who am I talking to to haggle around for a better deal? o2 or them??

Im interested in o2 only, for shortest contract possible, a phone like G600 or sthing like that and probably around 200 mins and 200 msgs to any networks of course. I can get around 20 quid for it a month.

The deal i found was 400 mins, 500 msgs, unlimited calls to o2, free G600, o2 400 price plan for 12 months for 35 a month, yet 9 months half price after cashback, giving around 22 pounds a month.

What do You think?? Is there any chance to get o2 to lower their price?? Ive tried today but the guys seem to not being able to do it...


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Hello?? anybody??

a bit of help please...
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