can you get a replacement casing for a laptop

    Hi all, my daughter has broke her lap top AGAIN, this time the plastic housing is damaged also the hinge part has broke so it won't open or close unless you use pliers to manually adjust the hinge,

    The laptop is an acer extensa 5620z, I wondered if it is possible to get a new housing and transfer all the parts over into it easily, I've never done anything like this before though,
    Any type/make of case would do if it's possible,
    thanks in advance
    xx fizzie xx


    You can, but it will be very expensive. I bought a casing from eBay for my laptop awhile ago.

    There are some parts on Ebay but you will almost certainly need the exact same model and it isnt all that easy unless you are competent with computers,The casing from a different model may do but only someone who fixes these will be able to tell you,

    Ebay are very good , but you can contact Manufacturer themselves and go to the spares department

    or contact these guys

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, think i'll leave it and just let her cope with it as it is,
    rep added to you all for your help
    xx fizzie xx
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