Can you get a washing machine on next day delivery ?

Found 24th Jan 2007
I need to get a new washing machine asap,i have 7 visitors arriving before weekend.
Machine has just bust,blew my electrics too,no water going into it at all now,it's been a bit dodgy recently,but it's broke now.

I tried the net,but all seem to be 5 days etc,and this would be no good,as they don't count the weekends as buisness days.

I'm in Glasgow,i'm thinking of Tesco extra near me,but looks like they take days too,i only have a car,no van so can't pick up.:-(

Anyone ordered a speedy delivery washing machine.......needs to be no more than £250.00 :oops:

Any reasonable suggestions appricated :thumbsup:
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Could you not hire a van, if not call all stores and talk to someone about your situation?
Our company do same day delivery but that is around Teesside and County Durham, no good for Scotland mate. Go into town and find a small electrical shop, maybe a Euronics centre, I am certain they will sort you out, forget about the big guns mate, you will have no chance.

Just look around for some small trader, we have quite a few in our area so I would imagine you will find one in Glasgow somewhere.

Right mate give these people a buzz, see if they can sort you out:
Electrical Goods Retailer: Appliance Outlet
Unit 13 Maryhill Shopping Centre
Maryhill Rd, Glasgow, G20 9SH
0141 946 1225

I can dig up loads of comanies in Glasgow for repairs, if you want their numbers I can supply them, maybe worth ringing a few as they sometimes sell machines too, if not and you explain the situation they may know retailers who can sort you our there and then.

Any reasonable suggestions appricated :thumbsup:

You can try to hire a van for HOURS (seen lots of them on motorways)
Also, if you need a VAN you can try 1van1.com - cheap etc, really good service, no problems etc! Full recommendation!
It will be around 29 quid FOR 24 hours! BARGAIN!!

I would go and would ask them if they can do special deal for 2 hours- let say 10 quid or so. You never know...

(aa, you have to be minimum 25yo)

I agree with beerman,your small local shops will be best.

maybe there is a shop that sells recons,like new usually,but with some cosmetic damage.we have some where i live,quick,friendly service and they give full guarantees.worth checking your thomson directory.
Thank you for all replies,hubby managed to get 1 into the car from Tesco's £159.00,12oo spin,servis,so all plumbed in and been using all morning,good wee machine for money......again,i have left rep for all your suggestions and help:thumbsup:
Thanks for the rep and well done for getting it into your car, a good price too.
i got next day delivery from comet in uddingston but it was one they had in stock
Thanks! Nice one

Glad you got sorted:)
For future reference ]http//ww…uk/ have items marked "rapid delivery" which are delivered within 2 days.
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