Can you get ripped off?

Found 8th Feb 2011
If I sell something expensive on here, and take payment via PPG, once the buyer receives the item, can they just reverse the payment or get paypal to? Seems really risky so I'm concerned...
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Am not sure about PPG if it has the same protection as a normal paypal payment which can be reversed as dont use PPG much
If you're concerned about a payment reversal you could accept a bank transfer
Yeah thats true, they can't be reversed can they.
I had a paypal gift payment reversed but I was lucky and it was the buyer's bank who had made a mistake and because I had their phone number I gave them a call and got it all sorted out.
Best advice is to follow the rules like when it says to get the name, address and contact number of the buyer (and to give your information to the buyer) and send things trackable in the post etc.
yh you will get mugged here

yh you will get mugged here

Use some common sense (the number of people on here who seem to lack this basic sense is mind boggling) and follow the rules and you should be fine.
get a landline number. Ring the land line number. Get a mobile number ring the mobile or text. Get an address look it up on google make sure its not an industrial estate.
why you bought it in 1st place,for which you are selling it now?
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