Can you go online with a special Wii ?

    I have a special Wii, can you go online or will it get bricked ?

    I have no idea of what chip is inside as i got it 2nd hand.




    suppose it depends on what method of special you have
    but as far as i know all online game on the wii can be used

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    Thanks folks rep left , how do they get bricked online then or cant they ?

    You get bricked if you go through the wii updates, you know you will get messages in an envelope saying there are updates available? If you click on those, the wii will be a helpful as a house brick. However, going online will be ok, as will using wii points and buying games with them. You can also read and enter the mii competitions

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    how do i make my wii "special"....???? thnx in advance
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