Can you help me, funny reply needed..

Found 21st Oct 2007
My mates are always texting me things like "are you out on Friday" or "what you doing for lunch", I need a funny reply, please help innit :whistling:
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umm naw sorry i got plans with your lil sis on friday

dont know what im doing for lunch but i know who im doing (wink wink)
You should just say

"No Innit" for the first one

and the second one
"Eating, innit"
How about - "Sorry, no, i'm not joining your ranks and coming out on Friday......or any other day for that matter as i don't bat for that team. And as for lunch, i really don't want a piece of what you gobble on." :-D
I've got a few for you.

For the first one :

"No, i've become a recluse and my life now revolves around the internet - please don't touch me."

"No, I can't. My Mum has booked me in for more spelling lessons, innit."

Second one :

"I'll be eating in the HUKD deal pub with my virtual drinking partners, they really care, now please delete my number."
Hey JDeal, they're only funny cos it's true innit

"are you out on Friday"

To be replied with...

"No, I am going to wait for a more appropriate time to tell my parents"

"what you doing for lunch"

To be replied with...

"Your missus, followed by your mum for afters"

Thanks everyone innit, however I need them translating into text language to make them even more hilarious innit
No Init.

E-Tin Init
For am I out on Friday try,.... yeah, hopefully, still on fire at the moment though!

For what you doing for Lunch, try......eating my dinner
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