Can you help me with CSI please?

    Hiya my good lady and i have now finished the sopranos and greay anatomy, weve tried west wing (didnt like it too much, far too fast!!) and are thinking of trying CSI and house, but im not sure which CSI to try, can you guys help?


    My gf like New York the best


    The original is the best. 10 seasons and it's still innovative and fresh. It has some great direction and the characters are excellent, though if you've stuck with them for 10 years you would have to think so.

    yea the oringal is the best i have all the box sets and love watching them

    CSI fans in this house.
    In our opinion, CSI (the original set in Las Vegas) is the best. Best characters and best storylines (Look out for some specials including a Tarantino double episode).
    CSI New York is next best, Gary Sinise is pretty good in it.
    Last and definitely least would be CSI Miami - David Caruso is hopeless and the other characters are mostly irritating.
    Just our opinion!


    1. CSI LV

    2. CSI Miami

    3. CSI NY (gave up on it after 2 seasons as just really boring)

    love love love csi, csi miami is good but not a patch on Vegas (miss grissom soooo much) cant seem to get in to csi new york tho. Dexter is great also, my chap has just finished watching the whole boxset of the shield and loved it, he's now watching the wire and so far he's loving that too.


    These are better than CSI imo:-

    True Blood
    Third Watch
    The Shield
    Rescue Me
    The Tudors
    Breaking Bad
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    The West Wing
    NYPD Blue
    Boston Legal

    If you like Greys, then I would suggest you check out Boston Legal. Brilliant show.


    These are better than CSI imo:-True BloodThird WatchThe … These are better than CSI imo:-True BloodThird WatchThe ShieldDamagesRescue MeThe TudorsBreaking BadDexterUnderbellyBrotherhoodThe WireThe SopranosThe West WingNYPD BlueBrotherhoodBoston LegalIf you like Greys, then I would suggest you check out Boston Legal. Brilliant show.

    +1 - try Damages or The Wire and True Blood as well. Really liked them.

    ther are better series than CSI but since that is the one you want to try i prefer CSI:Miami but only if you ignore Caruso and the posing he does in front of the camera.

    yes the original csi is by far the best, but i stopped watching it after gill grissom, he was my fave character.
    I love greys anatomy, and house, think ud like house if u liked greys, have u tried the spin off, private practice? Iv watched a couple, but I missed a load so left it

    House !

    i've just finished watching Spartacus - blood and sand and it was class, though not for the faint-hearted or easily offended.

    Whatever you do dont watch Miami. Its ridiculous at times.
    The original is by far the best but as people have said there are much better shows out there.

    Agree that Vegas is the best, The other two are slightly patronizing in their delivery. I used to enjoy the lightbulb moment, you dont get that with New York but more so Miami, they spell it all out to you and it takes a lot of the enjoyment away imo. Having said that I do still watch them all and after a bit you get used Caruso. Beware though, you will develop a crush on Grissom, even if yr male, he the man.
    The Wire is excellent and I have just started watching The Unit, late i know but this one must have slipped me by.

    CSI Las Vegas is the best followed by CSI New York. The Tarantino episodes in CSI Las Vegas were shown again recently and were fab! I find it hard getting into CSI Miami as I can't stand David Caruso!! He never looks at who he is talking to, stands to one side and those damn sunglasses would get shoved where the son don't shine!!
    Also watched a couple of episodes of Castle and quite enjoying that too.


    I believe caruso is acting that way cos its a satire on csi vegas with lt.caine being the comedy character.

    once you watch miami in this light, it becomes far more enjoyable. I love his cheesy one liners and mannerisms.

    anyone who has seen nypd blue series 1 will know he is a superb actor so surely is doing this in miami for laughs.
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