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    My hearing is a little dodgy and needs some help as I sometimes find it difficult to talk to people. Would welcome some advice from anyone who has obtained a good hearing aid at reasonable price - I know NHS would help but I think theirs are large over the ear devices.



    put a decent relevant title and you may get a better response

    Depends what you mean by "dodgy"

    My hearing isnt brialliant. It felt like my ear had popped so people didnt sound as clear...

    Turns out my air tubes were swollen..

    Ah! so you dont know what type of device the NHS will offer, worth checking out I would say!
    Otherwise, going private will cost you up a heck of a lot dad paid over a grand and that was cos he was family (some family!) btw this was about ten or more years ago, so technology has moved on Im sure............

    Have you had your ears checked or are you just assuming you need hearing aids?

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    Thanks for replies.

    my nain got some on the nhs which are not the over the ear style
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