Can you install a linksy wireless router when you are with Virgin Broadband?

    I was with tiscali, moved house on Thursday and started a contract with Virgin. I was more or less able to plug straight in and start using the internet (I presume it's virgin that's running and not tiscali but can't see how I can tell!).

    I am now trying to install a linksy wireless router so I can access my laptop but it won't let me install it. Fairly positive everything is plugged into the right place etc but loathe to ring Virgin PC Help at a £1 a minute!

    Any advice please?


    im using a linksys wireless router i installed it n everything as you should, so it should work for you

    just double check you have everything plugged in the right places and youve fully installed the router

    What broadband have you got?
    Cable or ADSL.

    im not on virgin, but i have a linksys router and had nowt but bother with it. i wont get another linksys so could just be the router and not the provider

    go on [url][/url]

    it tells you what connection your using.

    i just done that and it says im with opal telecom. but im with talktalk?

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    What broadband have you got?Cable or ADSL.

    It's cable.

    Hey fruity

    This should be a breeze. What's your LinkSys router model number?

    And how have you got it cabled so far?

    First of all it should be pretty easy to tell what broadband you're using (tiscali or virgin). Tiscali is ADSL and runs through the phone line. Virgin, whilst they offer an ADSL service, are predominantly cable. If you're getting broadband through a cable that was run into your house by the virgin engineers then there's no way it can be tiscali. If you're getting broadband through your phone line, then it's probably not Virgin.

    If you're definitely on the virgin cable service you need just a normal router, not an adsl modem router. The ethernet cable from the virgin modem plugs into the wireless router (check you're plugging it into the right port) and then just follow the manual to set up your wireless network.

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    Hi, it's a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router with Speed Booster WRT54GS

    I have got the virgin cable in the internet port of the router and the blue ethernet cable in one of the four ports at the back of the router, and then the other end of the blue cable is in the back of the pc.

    virgin wont offer you direct help at setting up your router unless its a netgear.
    cos thats what they provide.

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    To be honest, in my last house I had this whole hoo-ha with the wireless router (except that was an ADSL), in the end I bought a netgear and it started up straight away.

    Now I've moved to a new house and have cable, I am using my mothers wireless router. I can go and buy a netgear but don't want to waste the money if it's not going to work. Really can't see why I can't use this as feel I'm doing all that I should?

    if the router has 5 ethernet ports on it-one in and 4 out its a cable router
    if it has 1 rj11 phone style modem connection, then its for ADSL.

    switch the pc, router and cable modem off at the wall.

    switch the modem on
    then when the lights are done flashing
    switch the router on
    then boot the pc up

    you should be on

    disable your internet security if not connecting and see if the connection resolves itself.
    sometimes your firewall/antivirus software is blocking the net connection as a threat.

    We are with Virgin and hooked up on a Lynskys router

    You seem to be connected up OK, and slackrat's advice about rebooting is good.

    I am assuming that you are connected by wire in order to test and still can't connect, and that you're posting using some other method....

    If your wired connection through the LinkSys is working, but the wireless isn't, check you Windows help for setting up a new wireless connection, and make sure that Tiscali is completely uninstalled - it may be hogging the connection.

    Proceeding on the assumption that your wired access isn't working....

    Check that all the lights on the router that should be on ARE on, and you don't have any unexpected/warning/error lights.

    If that doesn't fix it, it may be that your laptop is still configured to use the Tiscali connection. Have you been through Chapter 4 - "Configure the PC" in your manual? If not, check it out in detail and follow the recommendation for your operating system.

    If you have followed it all, check it out again - you may have missed something.

    If you are still having problems, try to connect to the router's web interface (Chapter 6). If you can't connect to the router, the problem is with the PC configuration, cable or you have a duff router.

    If you CAN connect to the router, try connecting to the Virgin Media cable modem web interface - this should be on the IP address - just copy and paste this into your browser.

    If this works, try plugging the laptop directly into the Virgin cable modem. If this fails, contact Virgin - the problem is almost certainly at their end.

    Finally, what do you mean exactly by "it won't let me install it"?

    If you're still having problems after all of the above, post again with full details about the nature of the problem.


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    On reboot it looked like I am still connecting up to Tiscali so I deleted it from the connection list but I'm struggling to get it to connect up to Virgin - what am I doing wrong!?

    Get rid of the router for now. Just plug the ethernet cable from the virgin modem into your PCs ethernet port. If you can get a connection then you know there's a problem with the router configuration. If you still can't connect then you know there's a problem with your PCs configuration.
    Your PC should detect the Virgin connection straight away through the ethernet port and you should be able to just open your browser and connect to the net.
    You don't have to go to start -> connect to.. anymore, thats only for adsl. Virgin connection is always on.

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    Thank you. Right, after much shutting down down and restarting and fiddling my PC connects to Virgin through the PC ethernet.

    I have now retried to connect the wireless router again and it says "Local Area 4 has limited or no connectivity" but yet 1394 is still connected (whatever that is). Before when I was doing it to router setup was only going to 10% before telling me I had no connectivity but now it gets to 100% which is more encouraging but obviously still the same result!

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    Bought a netgear this afternoon and started straight up - phew - thanks for all the help and advice, much, much appreciated.

    I have the same router and at the moment I am with Virgin:x this works no probs.
    Go to the Linksys website for some help they are pretty good.
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