Can you machine wash wool suit trousers that state "dry clean only"?

Posted 19th Aug 2017
100% wool suit trousers
As expected, instructions state dry clean only as with all wool suits.

Anyone ever tried machine washing, and if so what was the outcome.
If successful, what settings/temp would you recommend?
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Some machines have a wool cycle but I have never done it myself.
Make sure you wash it in cold water. Even so, it will most likely shrink a little bit.

After washing, hang it out to dry immediately and iron it while it's damp.
They'll shrink, not worth the risk.
I washed both jacket and trousers of my hubby's wool suit. Trousers several times no problem done in machine on wool wash. Jacket on same wash only once as it took ages to pull back into shape. It shrank a tiny bit. Both needed ironing used damp towel on top for both so no marks.
So why is it that there are 100% wool trousers that are not sold as part of a suit but are machine washable?
What makes the suit trousers not suitable for machione washing?
A few years ago when I was out of work, I applied for a job in a dry cleaners and they invited me in for a trial day shift (I was offered the job but had already taken a better one). Anyway while I was there they told me that all beaded/sequin dresses that come in to be dry cleaned are actually put in a washing machine to go on s hand wash cycle as the dry clean chemicals will melt the beads. From that dayknwards I have not taken anything to the dry cleaners and instead just use the hand wash cycle on my washing machine. I have had no problems with anything I have washed and that includes cashmere and woolthkngs
Hand wash in luke warm water. Hang out on line full length til damp. Damp iron, hang again till dry.
No guarantee that it won't shrink a bit, but I have been doing this with my work clothes for years without much problem.
you can do it on wool wash but i would not risk it as even on wool wash i find that scarfs for example shrink or wrinkle. personally i would just take it to the dry cleaners.
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