can you make a rug out of carpet ends

    I have just had a new carpet on the stairs and i have a decent sized piece left over and i was thinking of using it as a little rug.Has anyone used carpet ends to make a rug, if so how do you get the edges nice, do shops put stitching around for you or is there any other way.


    an independent carpet shop will do it for you, or a furniture upholsterer. carpet is too tough to sow it yourself.

    i have done this to the leftover of our hall carpet, its a fab idea to stand dirty shoes come on.

    You could get some twill tape from John Lewis or Hobbycraft and edge it yourself. Easy done, just get a curved needle and stitch the tape around the edges. Did that with some remnants I had left when living in my flat and it looked pretty cool. Had cream carpet and used black twill tape. cut the remnant into a circle (ish) shape with a stanley knife (did this on the patio as made a few scratches on the kitchen floor)

    rug kit

    Yes you can! if it's a wool carpet with a hesian back talk to your friendly carpet shop/fitter as it needs profesional work if it's foam backed trim the edges nice and neat and coat the edges with copydex glue it dries clear and stops it from fraying

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    it was a 60 oz carpet i got a good deal on it i think its 80% wool.I can make a 4ft rug with whats left, ill have to find out how much that would cost.Ill take a look at that kit dont fancy doing it myself though haha

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    thanks at least i know they will do it and i wont look stupid taking it in

    we've done this before, calverts and such places do it i believe.

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    any idea what you paid for it to be done


    any idea what you paid for it to be done

    ooh erm, *thinks*

    it wasnt overly much. depends how big really. also different places will prob charge diff prices, but it really isnt much. one of ours was like £6 and was larger than like a door mat, so depends on size.

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    ok thnaks ill ring a few places tommorow

    yes probs best, sorry i cant remember the sizes and prices now.. been a while since new carpets.

    If you have places like calverts (warehouse types) they may be cheaper than posh places.

    Good luck.
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