Can you name this 80's sweet?

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Found 4th May 2011
A friend of mine is trying to find the name of a sweet she used to buy in the 80's.
Apparently it was like solid sherbet in a square flat shape (possibly with rounded corners) which was wrapped in a waxy wrapper (which may at one time have had pirates on it ???)
If anyone can help I can put her out of her misery as she has been searching all the retro sweet sites and cannot find it.



Sounds like a used condom.

square flat round....lol

Not black jacks?
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in a square flat round shape

Well, that's a pretty good description!

Was it hard on the outside like a boiled sweet with Sherbet inside?

I was thinking Sherbet Lemons but they weren't in a waxy wrapper.
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maybe refreshers?

or perhaps... sherbet fountain?

one's square(ish) , the other's 'round' (ish)

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Sounds like the stick in a dib dab..

Did you eat the waxy wrapper ?

Sweet tobacco ?

it sounds like what we used to buy i think they were called flying saucers. all different colours and were edible waxed paper filled with sherbet ..

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Many thanks but its none of the above :-(

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Well, that's a pretty good description!

Oops,I see what you mean. I didn't mean to put 'round' ! lol
I'll go and edit that bit!

they were individually wrapped in a waxy kind of paper, but they were more like boiled sweets than 'solid sherbet'

other ideas could be sherbet pips (but they weren't in paper.)
or even kendal mint cakethat's basically solid sugar, so suppose it could be thought of as like sherbet?

I remember what she's talking about - can't remember the name though but they were an inch or two wide squared pressed sherbet about half inch thick. You had to scrape your teeth along them to get the fruity taste. Almost like the sherbet lollies you still get now but square and without the stick (obviously) and like one big square Loveheart sweet.

like this... but in a bar ?


square flat round....lolNot black jacks?

Reminds me of a friend of mine once asking us to "Spread out in a bunch" when playing football


like this... but in a bar ?

Yes but not so much a bar more like a flat square (1.5-2 inches squared) and half an inch or so thick, but that sort of texture like the lolly.

wham bars ?

is it fizzle sticks?

Tabs? They were all diff colours. X


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Tabs are same as above pics- just a different wrapper.

sounds like Fruit Salad or Refresher, both of which I loved


sounds like a Fruit Salad

Fruit Salads are nothing like solid sherbert! Id guess at Pez!

candy watch... (the watch bit)


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Great suggestions but no luck yet :-(

OP are you sure they where not the tablets you where taken back then :-/

You are not thinking of Glucose tablets are you? I think they are still available.

I remember as a teenager buying packets of them while on a school trip in the Lakes. They came in an oblong (paper) packet and were kind of similar texture to those lollies up there ^ (maybe perhaps a bit more chalky)



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