can you negotiate on sofa prices / delivery (harveys)?

Found 28th May 2015
Off to look at sofas tomorrow (oh happy days...)

Just wondering are you able to negotiate on prices if buying a couple, or as a minimum could I request free delivery, as it's about £70!! Anyone got any recent experience?

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of course you can negotiate you just need to be a bit stubborn as they only give discounts if you ask and they can discount it.
don't buy from Harveys!!! totally crap!!
Top Tip - go to a few sofa places - Don't be set on one store or one "model" - then armed with that info you can negotiate .
Dfs are alright n sofa works
DFS are the only store that I have found to never haggle, all the others I have been in are keen to male a deal. My line is I like what you have but I have seen something very similar but a lot cheaper, I don't really want to be running about anymore today, what price can you do?
Cheers guys will see how it goes

don't buy from Harveys!!! totally crap!!

Doesn't sound good this based on quality or service (or both) thanks
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based on quality, and after service .. crap sofa , 2yrs + to get my money back. read the on line reviews ... I am not the only one... they take your money and don't care.
oh they actually admitted the sofa was faulty, ordered a replacement and waited 9 months .. for it to be delivered never arrived , and they wanted to charge me for the use of the faulty sofa!!! had to email the managing director, to get my money back ... that went on for months
We had brilliant service with Harveys. Fabric split on both sofas within a few months (not great but that material has now been withdrawn) within 10 days we had been given authority to choose 2 new ones instore and they were delivered within 2 days. No quibbling whatsoever. Would recommend.
We got Topcashback when we bought our sofa from SCS we said we could go home & order it online to get the discount so as the assistant wanted the sale he asked the Manager and they said yes.

OH had to bring it up on his phone & show them as the assistant didn't understand what it was lol



Doesn't sound good this based on quality or service (or both) thanks

Worst company to buy from! Better off with DFS!
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