can you paint fire place wood

Found 5th Feb 2016
I have a wood surrounding my fire place.
its old style and looks nice but color does not go with our interior.
is it possible to paint it? someone said u cant as its treated with smthng n all.
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no it'll break the paint laws
You will need special wood heat resistant paint which is obviously quite specialist but it must be the right paint or it won't last and could potentially be quite hazardous. Ask at your local diy shop, they should be able to advise.
Is it a real fire in the fire? Is it just a shop bought wooden mantelpiece and surround? I moved house recently and got the pine fire surround painted white by the decorators. It looks much better and came up a treat. I don't really use the fire as I have central heating, but Im sure it would do no harm. It was just normal white satinwood that it was painted with.
is it a gas fire or a real fire if it is a gas fire then just read the manufacturer's instructions on how far the wood has to be away from the fire normally the surround can go up to the fire as they take this in to consideration but I would leave 50mm around the fire before painting but don't use gloss because it will sink every time it gets hot
try chalk paint
You said its old style and looks nice, why not instead change the colour of the walls to go with the fireplace rather than the other way around?

We moved into our new home 7 months ago. An old mahogany fireplace, cream walls etc. I was desperate to paint the bold fireplace, .....but when we painted the walls pale grey then the fireplace did not stand out so bold and it now goes really well.
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Just painted very dark mahogany surround with 1 can of Rust-Oleum Surface Primer Spray Paint White, 2 cans Rust-Oleum Satin Spray Paint White 400ml £9.49, used black tiles on hearth/back, really nice finish, not sure how to upload picture though.
you will need specialist paint that can withstand heat as another poster has said. you could try wood stain which would be fine for heat.
You should call a local joinery company who make fireplaces and ask them what they finish them with. I think you may just get a different answer from the posts above. I worked for a joinery company and although we don't manufacture fireplaces I can tell you that the water based paints we use are suitable for temperatures up to 50 degrees celcius. That's pretty hot and if your fire surround was getting that hot I certainly don't think I would be putting my hands on it for long.
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