Can you pass the idiot test?

Will you prove yourself a smartie pants or just a plain simple idiot?

Take the test!…tml


Done that before, its pretty good but annoying too

i got to the 'lightest blue rectangle' one


i got to the 'lightest blue rectangle' one

there are about 100 questions in total i think, got fairly near the end once, too tedious to do again though :thumbsup:

Done. Took about 3mins.

Got bored!

Got to the Red Circle / Blue Triangle part and pressed the circle twice because I thought my mouse hadn't responded Can't be bothered to do it all again.

Just because you can recognise basic shapes, colours and follow simple instructions doesn't not make you an idiot.

my nephew has something similar to this on his ipod its annoying but addictive

I JUST didn't get to press the green button on time

Done it, almost got caught out though!

Passed on my second go

First go I messed up on the 'click the lightest blue square' - I just clicked the lightest blue (rectangle)

passed it first time

No longer an idiot or am I?


No longer an idiot or am I?

LOL well done pred :thumbsup:I knew you were clever:)

got mugged off on the lightest blue rectangle, two looked the same lightness? and then there was a turquoise one..does that count as blue anyway i turned it off after that lol might try again tonight

Just done it:)
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