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Can you pay your very account balance off straight away instead of waiting 6 months?

Posted 2nd Dec 2013
I was looking at opening a Very account cause you get some good discounts for new customers, but obviously they charge you interest for the 6 months. I was wondering if i could do it as if i was buying on credit and then ring up as soon is it is done and pay the whole outstanding balance?

Hope that makes sense haha, thanks.
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You can pay as soon as you buy, or can spread the cost up to a maximum of 12 months depending on your purchases with no interest, as long as you pay before the interest free end date.
You can also do the pay 3 option. They take the balance in three equal payments with no interest charged.
I would stay away from Very. The discounts are not worth it seriously.
You just go into your account, click the BNPL tab and then you can pay any amount off the item, very easy to do
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