Can you play normal DVDs on a PS3?

    As above I was wondering if you can play DVDs on a PS3, I know you can on Blue Ray players.



    Yes you can and it also upscales them

    yes u can mate

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that, rep added

    yes however its region locked,ive searched to see if there is anyway around but no success.

    Not that you asked this but just to add the PS3 games are region free. The Blu-Ray isn't region free. It's basically divided into 3 regions:

    Region A:America and Japan
    Region B:Europe
    Region C:Russia,India,..etc

    You can also buy region free blu-ray discs, but not all titles are region free , games are region free, not the PS3 itself.
    But a game CAN be region locked if the publisher wants it to be,
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