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Can you put a UPCV door on backwards?

Posted 19th Oct 2013
we are looking for a UPCV back door that opens outwards and when standing on the outside the handle on the right hand side of the door so that door opens from right to left when stood on the outside, if we can't find this would it be possible to put a UPCV door on backwards ?? as this is the only way i can think of getting what we need , many thanks
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I always thought upvc doors were similar to fridge doors and can b put on either way?
If you do, check the beading as it may mean the glass/panel may be removed from the outside posing a security risk. Also check if it is possible to remove the hinge pins if on the outside.
Yes it perfectly ok. but normally as the thetapist has mentioned the beading will be removable from outside. u can get some double sided tape, apply it to the inside of the panel before fitting. this will make it hard for the panel to be removed from the outside if this was ever done. you may not know this but alot of windows are beaded from the outside and are still manufactured like this.
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Thanks for the replies , food for thought regarding safety issues
Also, if the glass is heat reflecting glass, it would need to be removed and refitted the other way around.
Can I ask why you at an outwaropening door door ?
For security most are inward opening so they can't be pulled open or out too, if you wanted to pull it in

This company does them though


If gonna flip one also make sure to check drainage holes as you may Need to drill new ones
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Ours is the same setup as you want. Was made specially and fitted by the company that did our conservatory.
The reason we need it opening outwards is that the kitchen is very small and it would take up too much room if opening inwards , also there is a wall directly to the right as you step outside so has to open left to right from inside.
Thanks for the info , will be doing some research me thinks
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