Can you recommend a Battery Charger AAA - C/D

Posted 23rd Jan
As per the title mine has died and need a new one.
Best price I have seen is £17, but wondering if there are any better prices (maybe including a battery promotion) as I would have thought this is simple cheap tech by now

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You can buy junk or good product that will last forever:…XNY
I have used a Xtar VC4 for a while now for charging Eneloops and 18650s and it has been great, highly recommended.

My only critasism is the lack of a discharge function.
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Invest in a xtar, they are made to do the job properly.
The good reputation is well deserved.

VC4 /VC4+ ..if you have a "Load & go" then this sort will teach you a bit more about your battery stock compared to a regular naff one, ..also (obviously) giving you an idea how charged / depleted they are vs guesswork.…8-3

IF you travel though & need a clever two bay only then those are good too! ..I have a VC4, a "dragon" & a VC2 (variant) ..they deal with regular use very well.
To Xtar C4 is great, fires the job well with more info then I've had before. Had to watch a few YouTube to work out what the display was showing, been a while since I nearly failed GCSE physics 😁
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