Can you recommend a carry-on luggage bag for me?

Found 21st Jun 2008
I want as big a bag as possible as I'm moving abroad for a year. I know weight restrictions and everything depends on the airline. I'm just looking at what would be the maximum size allowed by most of the airlines. The size of a normal school/book-sized bag or can you go bigger than that.
Would be great if you could provide me with links or names that I can look up.

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The maximum bag dimensions are : 22 inches tall, 17.7 inches wide & 10 inches deep. Depends where you are flying form or / and with which airline as to wether or not you can take 1 or 2 bags. As a typical example look at : heathrowairport.com/ then click on cabin baggage latest . :thumbsup:
trolley bags usually work, mine is 2cm under regulation
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