Can you recommend me a 55" 4k TV please?

Posted 6th Nov
Hi all

Sorry if this has been asked over and over, but I'm in need of TV recommendations.

Easentially I'm hoping to pick something up for around £350 on black Friday.

I know the TV won't be too of the range at this price but I'm not sure what is the true 'hidden gem' at this price point.

I'd be using the TV for watching sky and Netflix, plenty of sport for me and then dramas for my partner.

I'd like to get it from richer sounds or similar due to the long warranty. Out current Samsung faulted literally just outside the two year warranty which was extremely disappointing.

I'd also be keen to be able to stream from my phone to TV so smart functions too would be good.

Thanks very much
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Hisense and wait for Black Friday
Slightly more than what you want to spend but has 5 years guarantee.…=48
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And for that price there are no hidden gems just polished the price you want to pay.

You’ll also probably find it’ll be out of stock in no time on Black Friday.
Edited by: "cmdr_elito" 7th Nov
Get something with 5-6 years warranty thrown in.
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