Can you recommend some lava lamp colours for me please!?


Ive had a lava lamp for about 10 yrs now.. had to throw the bottle away 2 yrs ago though as the wax went weird and it wouldnt blob!

I had blue water and green/yellow wax before.. so maybe a change now.

Those of you who have them, what do you recommend?

Ta! x


I havnt had one for years! I used to love them.... Mine was lime green water and shocking blue wax, loved it!

i had orange happy colour

What about a glitter one for a change?

Mine was orange and looked cool, but some weird freak drank the contents at a party I held, and yes he nearly died the numb nuts, now for those kind of things I use a VJ program and a fractal generation program that I run though a projector for parties,


What about a glitter one for a change?

+1 i love glitter lol

Original Poster

Those are the choices (shouldve mentioned that in the first place really:oops:!)


:roll: light blue all go well together

violet red or blue green

dont they look dated?

what size is it as my stand broke and I have a spare bottle going

liquid is purple lilac and the wax is orange yellow bit like lava actually :-D

message me We make be able to do a deal

bit like this in colour but the pic doesnt do it justice when it get flowing]
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