Can you recommend some sturdy in-ear phones?

    My son is 13 next month and would like some in-ear phones.
    Robustness is key, so for example I’m put off Soundmagic E10’s by the comments about reliability.
    He’s reasonably careful but even so I’m expecting they will get pulled, sat on, stuffed into a pocket etc.
    As I don’t think want to pay more than £30, ideally less than £20, I understand that I will be trading off sound quality, but he won’t be using an ‘audiophile’ source device/material.
    He’s tried my £13 JVC FX67’s (bought to replace well-used Sony’s) and he’s happy with the sound and comfort from those (he's had over-ear headphones until now).
    Can you recommend some really well built and comfortable in-ear phones please? Thanks.

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