Can you report suspicious sellers to eBay / do eBay care?

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Found 26th Jul 2014
I use eBay quite a bit and there's a seller who is obviously a scammer. Is there a way to report them as suspicious to eBay? Technically they haven't broken any of eBay rules yet (they won't until they don't deliver the items) but in the last few minutes they already sold a load of TV for £250+ and they're asking for Bank Transfer so eBay won't cover them.

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Contact eBay and let them know. you will save a few people some money. But the last post was right but not helpful.


Read through that till you find if you can report it. If not find a way to get through to the online Web chat and ask them if you can report it.

Theres nothing wrong with asking for bank transfer if one doesn't want to pay paypal fees on top of extortionate ebay fees.You havent provided any information on how you find the sale/s suspicious so I couldn't comment further.

I thought accepting paypal was mandatory?
Many like bank transfer to save on paypal fees and some even offer savings in excess of paypal's maximum rate which I am always suspicious of!

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Thanks to everyone for there advice and sorry for not replying sooner (sky in there infinite wisdom decided to turn off my internet for no reason and without warning) Ill try kos1c's link and see what they say

@ arachnoid I'm not saying there's anything wrong with bank transfer I use it myself it just means that eBay won't cover them.
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