Can you retrieve game saves from PS3 hard drive without using PS3?

As the title suggest I would like to get my game saves off my PS3 hard drive without using the PS3, becuase it is dead.
Only way I can think of it get a SATA hd enclosure and transfer my files across but will that even work? because the computer and PS3 may read the data differently, like if I back up data using the PS3 it may save as something different from if I were to use the above method.
Anyone tried it, or know a better method that works?

PS3 goes to the grave on 30th, so a solution before then would be great


I think it would read it differently. If you were to use an HD enclosure it may possibly format it when you connect to the computer, though i'm not 100% sure on that.

Only other thing i can think of is looking for the saves on the internet. Apart from that i think you're screwed trying to get them back.

yes that would work

It will not work because the PS3 hard drive filesystem is unknown and most likely encrypted.

You might be able to clone the drive however (1:1 copy) though that would take up a considerable amount of space.


plug the drive into a working ps3 and backup to a usb stick
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