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Can you reuse 'Paint Pod' paint containers with regular paint?

Posted 26th Sep 2014
As the title says:
Can you reuse 'Paint Pod' paint containers with regular paint?
I picked up a Dulux Paint Pod Machine for £5!!!
Because, of course, the paint will soon be hard to find in the shops.
Can I just put normal paint in the paint containers?
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Yes, if you clean the paint out thoroughly and make sure that the paint you put in is the same viscosity as the 'proper' paint (you may need to water it down very slightly if it's thicker).
No, paint pod paint contains a lubricant to help it flow. You would probably get standard paint to work thru the machine for a short time then it would clog up and fail! If your machine is still under guarantee they will not replace it, they now send them away for examination as dulux we're finding they were getting reported high failers in these machines and nearly all were found to be failing due to wrong paint.
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