Can you roll a pocket sprung mattress

Found 22nd Mar 2013
Just had our new mattress delivered, it's 1250 pocket sprung with memory foam layer on top - it came rolled and I am bemused because although I know very little about mattresses I didn't know that pcocket sprung ones could come rolled.

Just wanted to check if any one can shed any light on it before I call them.

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You have answered your own question;

" Can you roll a pocket sprung mattress "

Obviously you can.
What does the label say?? Call them and ask.....
Mine came rolled too. You have to lay it down flat and let the air get into it.
surely it is done by a compression machine to take out all the air you surely couldnt do it at home
I bought some Airsprung mattresses from Tesco Direct last year and they came packaged rolled in plastic and boxed up. I've always thought it would damage mattresses to be rolled / folded. These are okay though. It said to leave unrolled for a few hours or so for them to expand before using.
The springs in these mattresses are smaller than the wider coil springs so can be rolled as each little spring is in their own individual pockets so will not suffer unlike the one big coil type





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This is the only true whiff of Spring so far this year.. (_;)
I can get you some ganja if you're that desperate for a smoke.

Hats off to whomever invented that process, must save a lot of money in shipping and transportation.

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