Can you save Tesco Clubcard points/vouchers?

Found 15th Jun 2010
I was wondering if you could save them up so you can get better rewards or use them up in the future. I have been sent my first voucher and it has an expiry date in a few weeks time. I want to be able to choose when to use my points not be told to use them by this date or lose them.
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didnt think TCC point/vouchers expired that quick.. our lastest batch expires June 2012.

So yes, in theory you can. Ring Tesco and ask them to put the onto your account for next time. What is it your after?
you can join the christmas saver club and just get yr vouchers in one go then, it I'm pretty sure you can send the ones you have back and have the re added to yr account, if you ring them up to change ask them

oh and you can opt out at anytime
They're supposed to be valid for 2 years, I'd phone up and ask why yours aren't.
have you checked the YEAR of expiry on them? no way they expire in a few weeks time-2012 maybe??
Yeah, just checked again. 2012 expiry. lol I just saw end of June, that was it. idiot

Anyway, if I want to exchange it for Cineworld, Pizza Express or whatever vouchers, how do I do this?

I would much rather it just pop up when you scanned it at the kiosk and then got asked if you wanted to use the voucher. I guarantee I will lose this voucher or just not have it on me the next time I'm in Tesco.
best to have a read really ]http//ww…ls/
I thought the same when I first started really collecting tesco vouchers, wasnt impressed with life span of them! Lol

Valid for 2 years, if they expire you can call them up and ask for them to be reissued

If you join the christmas club they dont send you any until december (and valid 2 years from then)

To use them, you can go on the website and enter the code on them to exchange for rewards which are then posted out to you
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