Can you screen mirror from Kindle Fire 5th Gen with Chromecast

Posted 28th Feb 2017
I bought a cheap Kindle Fire when they were on offer, and I want to mirror my screen to my TV with a Chromecast for some tv streaming. Obviously I've googled it but I can't find a definite answer. Does anyone know? I haven't bought a Chromecast yet so I'm trying to find out.
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yes u can
streaming to TV via kindle 5th to Chromecast at this very moment , one way is ..install google home select device ... set up Chromecast, and then drag top of screen down you'll see cast symbol that you'll be mirroring what's on you're kindle screen to TV (also this will be showing on kindle) make sure power is plugged in as it does drain battery . There's also other apps you'll see the cast symbol where you don't need to have kindle screen on after connecting
, I find this better as doesn't drain battery on kindle
Edited by: "flaming.h" 28th Feb 2017
Did you have any success? I am struggling with this myself.
Can confirm flaming.h's method works but personally found the output less than desireable–pixelated and out of sync.
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