can you sell a xp licence?

i have a old computer which doesnt work and has a windows xp coa on the back, isit legal to sell the coa?
and if so isit worth anything?


As it's an OEM license it's attached to that PC, only retail licenses can be legally transferred.


tbh, you'll gain some rep for giving it away.

not worth that much really tbh, i'll take it off our for a good price of £2.40 :thumbsup:

Its OEM - therefore, legally - it must be sold with the original hardware which was supplied with the software.
Also Micro$haft will detect the hardware being changed substantially if the software is sold on and installed on another machine - but this is usually easy to get round.

Having said this - check eBay, there are loads of people selling OEM software, but beware - eBay will pull the aution if its blatantly obvious you are selling OEM software.

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so how come people on ebay are selling them?


so how come people on ebay are selling them?

cos the truth of the matter is ms will never pick up on it if done right, ie watching the loopholes and therefore has a value to system refurb/sellers

sell the whole system for someone to repair and its all legal, I can use it if you want to get rid

By not mentioning the three letters OEM. The photograph of the licence or key is usually the giveaway.
Oh - and they usually include some $hite old ISA card 'hardware' in an attempt to get around the eBay selling rules.

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ooh cool. thanks guys have some rep.

There is a trade on these on the usenet forum where they go for £10 for pro or £6 odd for home. The legalities are a grey area, ie, under EU law you should be able to sell something you own which affectively sticks two fingers up to M$ EULA, but it hasn't been tested in court as no one selling OEM COAs are likely to be able to challenge the M$ big boys with megabucks behind them. Micro soft have bullies many small business's out of out of existance this way, but I've not heard of any small traders or individuals being persued as long as you don't sell thousands of them and blatantly advertise them as a business
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