Can you sell an holiday abroad on here?

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Found 25th Feb 2011
As the title says?

We have booked a holiday for july all paid for but now need to go to Oz and could do with the money for there just wondering weather to sell ?


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doubt it, dont think it is transferable? could be wrong, ask a mod

I'd contact the people you booked with and see whether you can cancel and how much you would lose. You may lose less money by cancelling than selling.
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You can transfer a holiday onto someone else, just have to pay the change of transfer fee/name fee on the booking, spoke to Thomas Cook about it.

Yeah you can sell on here if transferable I think defo think seen people doing this on here

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I will lose £700, the holiday is now £2025 for 2 weeks


hi lindseyanndavis, you would need to show in the actual T&Cs of the holiday that you were permitted to transfer the details to another party via a private sale and clearly show any additional costs associated with that (change of name, address etc) and if you purchased holiday insurance linked to the holiday was that also transferable. It would have to comply fully with any clauses set out by them or the buyer could find that they are refused access to the property.

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Thanks for is with Thomas Cook as a package deal so is quiet easy to transfer, i have not done it all myself with different flight companies and private accomodation.

I will find out all the info and see what i think thanks


Please remember to have this MISC thread locked and then wait 7 days from the date of the last comment before relisting in the trade forums if you find Thomas Cook do allow its resale
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Why have i been locked for 7 days?

You cant relist it in the fs/ft section without waiting 7 days after locking thread. The rule basically stops people gaining interest on here before moving it to the fs section.

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ok can i not list anything or just the do i lock it?


ok can i not list anything or just the do i lock it?

Just the holiday, report this thread to a mod to be locked and then wait 7 days before listing in fs/ft.

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