Can you sell domian names in the FS forums?

    As per title, I've got one that is connected to a blog but I never blog on it.
    If it was something rubbish then I'd just let it expire.
    However, I think its a decent domain name:

    TBH I'm not looking for much anyway..... (£10/20? and I'll add an extra 2 years reg time)


    Dont know about that, but probably you cant post same post twice :P :whistling:

    Or thrice :lol:

    do you think we cannot read so need to repost 3 times

    Original Poster

    people these days.......

    TBH never remember posting 3 times, didn't do it on purpose though at least =)

    Original Poster

    well can they be sold on here? I'll check the rules and if i can't find anything then i'll sell but say if it is not allowed feel free to remove it but don't suspend me...

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    nout i can find in the fs/t rules so i'll go ahead with it,


    nout i can find in the fs/t rules so i'll go ahead with it,

    Why don't you politely PM the FS/FT Moderator COL and ask the question and then wait for the reply.

    Much easier than a suspension or whatever. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Dang - well I've posted it in the FS forums already now, said don't suspend or ban me if it isn't allowed.

    I wasn't really sure if it was worth PM'ing a mod as I'd have to wait a good while and a mod might be browsing the misc forum which is why I posted it here.

    Don't see why not - but isn't there a domain transfer fee? (Not just the WHOIS record)
    I assume the new owner would like the domain to be registered as owner with Network Solutions (or whoever the registrar is these days).

    Original Poster

    No idea, surely its as simple as changing the name as I think I paid via paypal for it?
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